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Yummy, Filling, and Feels Like a Gift for My Body

Who knew hemp protein was a thing? I recently discovered this protein powder and had to give it a try. Good move! It's very chocolatey, has all the nutritional components for a healthy breakfast, and is super easy to blend.

Best Protein Ever!

I really enjoyed the Vanilla (and the Chocolate) protein! Taste is great and I am happy with my impact on the environment as hemp protein is very sustainable. Thank you Elevated!!

Skeptical but...

I was highly skeptical about trying a hemp-based protein powder. I'm not vegan and I switch between whey and pea protein for variety. So, when I heard about hemp I thought it was a good way to add some variety into my supplements. But, I was skeptical. Although now? Now, I'm not really sure why. The vanilla is great in my smoothies. And it's actually less grainy than the popular pea protein I use. Highly recommend this product whether you're vegan or not.

Taste is good, but slightly rough

Love the nutritional part of it and I mix it with oatmeal to get the best flavor since milk Isn’t my . Def recommend

Best Plant Protein I have ever tasted

Every plant protein I have ever tried is either too sweet or too earthy. It is also very rare to have a protein powder that I can use in cooking and baking without ruining the consistency! I put this stuff into my pancakes every day and they are fluffy and delicious. It also blends excellent with smoothies or even yogurt. Not to mention the fact that the plant is hemp makes me feel way better about the health benefits. This is the best plant protein powder I've ever had!

Fantastic taste and texture

My husband has been using this protein powder for over 3 months now and constantly raves about how good it tastes, and how different it is from other typical hemp powders. The texture is so much better with significantly less graininess and a much smoother blend.

The company owner is just a fantastic guy as well and really takes good care of us.


This stuff is so good! It legitimately tastes like those iced circus animal cookies I used to eat as a kid. As a vegan, I love using this to make sure I hit my daily protein needs. It’s great in yogurts and desserts too! Definitely found my go to from now on! Plus, the owners are so kind and awesome and really care about their products and customers. Would buy to support them alone…but it’s so good that now I’m hooked!

BEST on the market 👌

This protein shake is DELICIOUS. Great chocolately flavor and doesn't have that chalky taste like other brands of protein. This definitely helps me when I have a sweet tooth, and without the guilt. I added banana in mine. This protein shake is definitely a game changer. Take a chance a buy this product you'll be glad you did.

Best protein powder on the market

You get the bang for your buck with every serving of this bad boy. Lots of great fiber and nutrients, and just all around a great product.

This stuff is delicious!

Heard about this protein powder on Instagram and was shocked at how I had never heard of hemp protein before. Gave this brand a try, and was not disappointed. Delicious flavor and went down real easy. Will be buying again.

Great stuff!

Got early access to this protein powder - delicious! Will be ordering again.